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Welcome to DaCoPAn Software Engineering Project

DaCoPAn stands for visualization of Data Communication Protocol through Animation.

DaCoPAn is a software engineering project that aims to develop a visualization tool to help educators illustrate the basic functions of a data communication protocol. This is to be done by animating the key aspects of protocol exchanges, and offering a tool for an educator to build his own protocol exchanges to highlight whichever aspects of protocols necessary for maximizing student learning.

The solution created by the DaCoPAn software is based in the idea of gathering tcpdump log files, analyze them to merge the different events occuring in the network and use those results to create different animations and charts that could be helpful for teaching, studying and researching data communication protocols.

The DaCoPAn development team has created two products to achieve that solution:

All the programs are developed under the GNU General Public License, so they are free to download, copy and modify .

Take a look to the screenshots of the animator.
To get the latest version of the software go to the downloads section

May 31, 2004
Released the first version of DaCoPAn Analyzer and DaCoPAn Animator.
Go to the downloads section to get them.